Mary Ann was natural choice for our birth doula as we had already established a relationship with her as the assistant to our Childbirth Education class teacher, Penny Simkin, and were already seeing her weekly as a result. I experienced a great deal of sciatic nerve and pelvic joint pain in the last trimester of pregnancy resulting in loss of sleep and difficulties doing simple tasks. Mary Ann was very helpful in suggesting and lending us items to help ease this pain such as a birth ball, relaxation audio CD, wearable icepacks, and a reference for aquiring TENS until. We were over due by 10 days when labor started, with contractions starting fast and frequently.  Mary Ann joined us relatively early on in the process resulting in over 11 hours of helping me cope at home, and just 4 hours of labor in the hospital. Mary Ann was a very effective coach during those most painful contractions by providing endless hours of massage, suggesting new positions, and giving my birth partner periods to rest and eat. Thanks to Mary Ann keeping me on track at moments when I questioned my ability to cope with labor pain, we were able to have a natural un-medicated childbirth and felt really positive about the overall experience. She was also great about taking photos of the birth so that we could just live the moment. Additionally, she journaled the entire labor from the first contractions to the birth of our baby boy. We couldn’t be happier to have the labor documented, as there were many moments that I had forgotten until reading our own birth story. Although we initially questioned whether a doula would be necessary, in hindsight we could not imagine having gone through the un-medicated labor without her.
Posted 3/2/2015.

Mary Ann Rohrer, R.N.

Birth Doula, CD(Dona), CD(Pals)

Childbirth Educator

Serving Families in the greater Seattle and Puget Sound

Melissa C.
For our second birth, we decided we wanted to find a doula that had experience in the natural childbirth world and the hospital world since we decided to deliver with a midwife at our local hospital for this birth adventure. Mary Ann is a nurse and a doula, and once we met with her for our first meet and greet, we knew her knowledge, confidence, and kindness would help us achieve a natural childbirth in hospital and gain the support of the hospital staff right away.  Before the birth,  Mary Ann helped us create a hopsital friendly birth plan and helped us find whatever resources we needed, including a  Penny Simkin video for our son to prepare him to be an older brother. During labor, Mary Ann offered tireless support to me and my husband, and she had many resources and suggestions to help allievate pain during contractions and to help me rest in between contractions. Once our beautiful girl was born she helped with breast feeding and all that follows before we get the chance to sleep with our newborn for the first time. Finally, besides providing very thorough notes and information about the birth in our post partum visit, she made our daughter a beautiful gift and brought us a meal to spare us from cooking for a night. She basically provided thoughtful support and help through the pregnancy to after our daughter was 3 weeks old. We would definitely recommend Mary Ann to any one who is seeking a doula for their birth experience!
Posted 7/6/2015

Roseilee Baretto:

Mary Ann is the best! I learned more from her about pregnancy,  labor,  and childbirth than from my OBGYN. She met with me twice before I went into labor and explained everything that could happen and the ideal process.  She helped me write my birth plan and loaned me things to read and watch to prepare me for my newborn. I would not have been nearly as prepared for labor or the first few weeks with my newborn without her!  During the actual labor and delivery, Mary Ann was the calm and constant presence in the room.  She helped me through each contraction and helped my husband stay calm as well by giving him things he could do to help me.  She led us through breathing patterns and gave instructions throughout the process. Baby was born naturally and without epidural- - something I really wasn't sure would be possible for me.  But with Mary Ann's help,  everything was possible!  After baby was born,  she helped me with getting baby to latch and first feeding. She has stayed in contact after baby's birth and helped me with questions and concerns I've had. I honestly can't say enough good things about her!  If we have another child, I will definitely want her with me again! Very grateful for everything she did for us! 

Posted 10/18/2016

Sathanavalli S. 

I found Mary through Doulamatch and decided to connect with her in my 35 week of pregnancy after reading all the great testimonial here. That turned out to be the very best decision and I hired her as my delivery doula without second thoughts after meeting her in person. She is a warm personality who makes you feel like a family but gives you space to make decisions. Altogether a killer combination. She always does her homework and bring expertise to the table. I had a smooth pregnancy and Mary ann went above and beyond to care for me before delivery - she offered to come as many times to help me cope up with pregnancy pains , eloborated the delivery process, provided suggestions and gave space to make independent decisions. Just her presence was soothing. I was able to build trust soon to the level she wrote my birth plan from our conversation per my request. She offered to accompany me to doctor's office in my regular check ups

She is a keen observer and helps you identify things which is subconscious in your mind. During my delivery she helped me understand what was coming up as it was my first pregnancy and even had identified a nurse friend in the hospital without even asking for it. I had a normal delivery and all credits to Mary - her emptional support and expetise gave me the confidence I can do it. She helped me overcome my fear and stayed throught the delivery, wrote our birth story which was lovely to read later, took pictures and did a postportum visit.

She was a great emotional support after delivery when I had several feeding issues. She was available for phone calls, messages even though it was not part of her service. Another great example where she went above and beyond. I am blessed to have found her and hope people can experience the bliss as well. I feel I have found a family here than just a service used.

She is covered through HSA as she is a registered nurse which is a bonus

Posted 7/19/2016 Review for Mary Ann Rohrer by Sathana S.

Christina P.
I could not have better things to say about my third child's birth experience with Mary Ann as my doula.  I was unsure of even having a doula at first just because I wasn't sure if I would get induced like I always did with my first two.  But I definitely needed support either way, and having a good doula made the world of a difference.

Although I had given birth two times before, this experience was unlike the last 2 in so many ways.  This birth was by far the best one I have had and I know a huge part of it comes down to having the support and help I had throughout the whole labor from Mary Ann.

My first child's birth experience was not good for many reasons. For my second child's birth I didn't even go into labor 24 hours after my water broke. This time I wanted more than anything to go into labor on my own and I had a lot of fears and was skeptical that my body would cooperate and go into labor naturally.  I just feared another long and traumatic birth experience.

I tried everything I could and finally started having signs of contractions two nights before my baby's arrival. Mary Ann came and stayed the second night helping me breathe through my contractions all night and just being that support that I didn't even know I needed.  If she was not there I would have just suffered on my own through the contractions and not practice the breathing techniques that actually helped me progress. I would have also been very anxious as well.

She was able to tell when would be a good time for me to go into the hospital next morning. I was shocked to hear that I was dilated 5 cm which is a huge deal for my body since I was always shut tight at zero when they induced.

Mary Ann was a combination of a motherly figure that I needed at the birth emotionally and also someone very professional who gave me confidence to help me to get through it all. Her background of being an RN really helped on top of her qualifications as a doula/child birth educator.  She was able to help me make decisions and help me ask the necessary questions to the medical staff which was very beneficial.  She never imposed anything but just helped me make my own decisions by giving me information. We met several times before my due date to go over my birth plan, comfort measures, and she explained everything that can happen in the birthing process. She even arranged for me to meet the famous Penny Simkin to talk about my traumatic first birth experience and to get some healing and comfort before going into this birth. Although I never made it over to talk to her because I had the baby I really appreciated the chance to be able to do that.

I would recommend Mary Ann over and over to anyone that is looking for a doula that will listen to your needs and offer just the right amount of support to help you when you needed it the most. I asked Mary Ann to be my doula very last minute, literally the last month of my due date and thankfully she was still available. I am so glad I did because I don't know how I would have gotten through the birth without her by my side.

Posted 7/4/2015

Mary Ann Rohrer was my real supporter during my delivery. She was giving her knowledge & time to me 100%. I met her weekly twice before my delivery day and then I went to clinic for regular check up 40 weeks  plus two days and she came to clinic on my appointment date. she was with me when my doctor's examine me. After that my midwifer refers me to go to hospital at that time when I was in problem to  go to University of Washgton Medical Center, she gives me a ride, I was highly happy for her support at that time. After that she was with me for the whole day & night even after my delivery.
Mary Ann Rohrer greatly support me during my delivery time. She was giving me an exercise like positioning exercise, breathing exercise, dancing, massaging, wormapication / give hot on my back/.
Lastly, she has good personality in supporting peaople
Posted 1/28/2014