Mary Ann Rohrer, R.N.

Birth Doula, CD(Dona), CD(Pals)

Childbirth Educator

Serving Families in the greater Seattle and Puget Sound

"Although birth is only one day in the life of a woman, it makes an imprint on her for the rest of her life."

Justine Caines, Birth Journeys

As a doula I want to help you navigate the experience of birthing your baby. By coming alongside you and your partner, I will meet with you prior to your birth, ask the important questions to consider as you anticipate your birth, physically support and emotionally guide you as you consider your choices during labor and early postpartum. I will nurture and protect the memory of your baby's birth by being sure you feel respected and cared for throughout labor and birth.  

My life up to this point has prepared me for this role. I never would have guessed that becoming a parent would engender so much passion and direct me to the next step in my career. Giving birth and rearing two children was an empowering experience, pushing me to grow in my knowledge of child development and giving me a deep affection for young families. I work as a PEPS facilitator, encouraging women and providing support as they find their way as mothers. My experience as an RN has given me a broad background in medicine and a desire to provide support for young families as they welcome a baby into their arms. My doula training has deepened my awareness of the importance of the experience of childbirth and how the care you receive, will significantly contribute to your experience of being a mother.